All philosophers true to the study will go mad some day.
But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

A different English.

This is a typical conversation between two IIT M students

A: Hey dude
B: Dude, like wassup?
A: Nothing, you finished studying?
B: No dude, I'm putting night out, the subject is just pain max
A: Pain only, I'm so sure tomorrow's exam will be a cupper only
B: Dude, like totally, I've to go put grub and put night out only
A: Some guys are like pack only, they don't even want to put fight
B: If I do that, my folks will like rape me. I need a 7 point CG dude
A: Ha ha, my parents know I'm one gib max guy but still make me put fight da
B: I know macha, it's all time rg ing only at home. That's why I never leave the insti.
A: So true. Only those muggus can get it all da
B: No dude, they're just putting pseud, they're no stud and all, they put fight for even slysha pain subjects
A: So true, anyway, I'm leaving, gonna go put arbit stuff for a while. See ya

And so on goes the conversation.

I'm sure you guys noticed something different about this language where there is only one verb "put" and there are the eternal suffixes "max" and "only". And of course, te certain words peculiar to the "insti" such as arbit, pseud, stud, rg-ing, rape, slysha, gib, pack, night out, "putting grub, putting fight.

It's not that these people do not KNOW proper English, it's just that we choose not to speak it. To us, this is our English. It happens all the time, everywhere. You notice you speak in a diffrent Engilsh with your parents; different with your friends; different with your teachers; different on stage; different in a debate. Each time the style is so different. Yet we are the same person. Aren't we?

What brings about this difference then? Why is the English spoken on stage the "proper" English? You get these questions if you read Amy Tan's "mother tongue" like we freshies did.

I don't know. I see myself using a certain english in the blog and different in my answer papers.

Why do I do that?


La Vela! said...

Somethings are hard to digest.

First, your disgust for anything that had to do remotely about IIT.

And now, you being a part of one and liking it more than your previous life. (Won't blame you!) hated IITians, now you are a part of them. At least there's solace in the fact that you still do hate one particular one. :P

Amri said...

This post is not about IITians or their language. It's about ever goddamn human being dude. This is what WE as a collective whole of English speaking people do all the time.

So stop crapping about who likes what.