All philosophers true to the study will go mad some day.
But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

Luck, is it?

If being forgiven is lucky,
Then lucky I am
If having a caring soul for yourself be luck
Then lucky I am
If being given support and encouragement is luck
Then, again, lucky I am
If unconditional, undying love begotten be luck,
Then, God knows how lucky I am.
For you, oh Soul my own, personify my luck
Having forgiven my sins of stupidity,
Having borne my crimes born out of ignorance,
Having cared for me through your pain
I see your eyes, I still see
In the beginning what I did see
A love so strong, so steep
And see something never before seen
A pain so sharp, so deep.
My sorrow lies in those eyes two
Where pain profound I see
Look closer, I see your heart,
My sorrow lies, the pain is me..............


Anirudh Velamuri said...

I wonder if I should sit back and think how lucky you are,
Or if I should wonder for the pain that's been with you ever since your soul met it's match.
Oh life how complicated you are to thee,
Wish I do, to help you out though I know the other barely.

Amri said...

To talk in verse is swell
Dear bro, mind though, within
Must be the feeling genuine as well
For empty words are but a sin
Trust in you I have, worry not
In you and the words you jot.