All philosophers true to the study will go mad some day.
But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

It was him.

Love like his I’d never had
Love it is I still know not
But Love it shall be for now
For it can be but only Love

Stood against me when weak
“Be stronger” he said
And stronger he made me
And set this Soul free

Stood by me when in need,
A comfort and counselor
When the world was up against
When my world was up against

His hands two my great aid
One hand holding mine
The other my shield; in all adversity
Never to yield

Guide me, he would
Many a time at that
Through anger; through sorrow
From the day till the morrow

You’re too angry, he’d say
You’re too moody, said he
You’re too volatile said he again
And there, that, that would pain

For though the words true
Would cut and bleed
For in the end, t’was true this
For in the end, the words were his

Nurturing a belief within his heart
Nursing a fear all the whilst
Scared for me? Scared of me
I’ll never know, neither history

Many a time his blood I tasted
Many a time he did mine
Though a regret naught I have
T’was that blood gave me the strength I have

Ever to impress; in no way disappoint
I strive along the way
Hoping not lose on the line
And yet end up losing that which is mine

To better him, my sole aim
To better me, his
And strive did we to better
End up losing one another

There learnt a lesson did I
We must not compare; him and I
After all, he is he
After all, I am me

Today we stand, apart and together
Today we stand bested by each other
I hate his love as he does mine
Yet I miss that love I hate, know he’s crying



gaud! :D very nice though!
love this phrase
"To better him, my sole aim
To better me, his
And strive did we to better
End up losing one another"

enna than sonnalum nee romba emo type dhan :D

Amri said...

Dude that was about my bro :p

Anirudh Velamuri said...
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Anirudh Velamuri said...


P.S: The first lines give a diff. idea abt. d person you'r referring to...

This' abt. HBK right?

Amri said...

Yes dear boy. I'm not talking about you. :p

Anirudh Velamuri said...

Not even for a moment did I think it was me.... :P

La Vela! said...


Amri said...

What's with the dual identity?