All philosophers true to the study will go mad some day.
But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

Just my food fer thought

“I sat on the floor of my house, drinking a glass of water which I ladled out from the pot, looking down at the traffic below. It was rush hour. The bullocks and cycles were fighting for space on the road. I was reminded, how my grandparents used to whizz by these same roads in air conditioned motor cars and motorbikes living a life of luxury…”

These seem to be pretty unusual thoughts. Reality update: This is the future, whether we like it or not.

What is happening to us? We’ve got a list of problems. I’m going to make a obviously futile attempt of listing them down.

Environment for starters. We are practically occupying every piece of available land. Earlier, there used to be a house every block, then they started to neighbor each other. Now we have houses on top of each other. Probably, we’ll be looking at houses inside each other next. I daresay it’s happening already. After trying to think this out to its root, I came to the only logical conclusion- population. The human race is so ignorantly multiplying itself. It seems to me that we humans have this mindset that we may go on increasing our numbers and yet be self sufficient. Reality check: We’ve got everything of nothing! Very soon, we’ll be either out of land or out of food.

Of course, water will not be a problem. At the disastrous level of global warming going on, I’m quite certain our ice caps will be melting soon. Don’t you worry about those predictions of Madras submerging in around 10-15 years, it will definitely happen. The way we’re using power in this country, we’ll be out of coal very soon, let alone petrol. What are we thinking? We don’t have a perennial supply of petrol, nor do we have of roads. Yet, the automobile industry is booming. And what with the introduction of Nano, every Tom, Dick and Harry will be sporting an own car. Why can’t we understand everything is so inter-related? There will be only cars, no roads. Heaven forbid hover cars. That’s just what our dear old Earth needs for an extremely premature death. Let’s take a simple calculation. There is a signal. Let’s say on an average, twenty cars stand at a signal. Each car burns about 1ml cube of petrol at that signal. So at one signal, for sixty seconds, twenty ml cube of petrol is wasted. At any point of time, at least twenty signals would be on red in any given city. Which gives 400ml cube of petrol. There are around y cities in India alone, which gives us y 400 ml of petrol being wasted, EVERY MINUTE. Can we really afford it? There is, of course, the talk about our miracle plant, jatropa, but let me tell you, it will never be the kind of fuel which we are so used to.

In fact, it is because of us we are that we are today and it is because of us we will be what we will be tomorrow. Sometimes I feel man should have never thought. These thoughts are what lead to our ‘scientific breakthroughs’, which have, incidentally, abused our Earth. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two most happiest people that ever lived on the Earth were Adam and Eve. What would be even less surprising would be me being told that the only way out of this madness would be to revert to the times of Adam and Eve, which I’m very sure would be unacceptable to most people out there. Heaven forbid them drinking out of anything but a packaged mineral water bottle. Reality check: ugh well, there’s not much more from where that came from, trust me!

Moreover, all this disparity is pretty much the icing on the cake. I’m rich, you’re poor. I’m white, you’re black, he’s red. I’m clean, you’re dirty. I’m fine, you’re insane and he’s got AIDS. I’m Hindu, you’re Muslim and he’s Christian. Well I’m sick! Sick of everything. When will it dawn on all the ignorant nincompoops that we are all essentially the same creation? We’re all human beings. IT’s amazing what a huge difference a little different composition in the melanin of the skin could do isn’t it? It went as far as creating war.

Talking about wars, we have our very own Kargil, which makes absolutely no sense. All they are doing is fighting over a boundary line; an imaginary line drawn out of nowhere which causes high wired enmity of human beings who come from the same ancestors and are most probably distant cousins. Come to think about it, the whole concept of boundaries is pretty much dim-witted. We need to pay a sum of money and undergo a tiresome process just so that we have the permission to step over a line that does not even exist... sometimes paying huge sums for that, which eventually fills some politician’s pocket. Animals have no such boundaries. Why..birds fly over boundaries even as we wait for our visas.

Politics! A chance to do something good for the people has been so utterly misconceptualized as a way to get in charge by the power hungry. It is a very very sad scenario. There are a lot of people who do not care about the earth saying "i'm going to live fer a few years only...why bother?" That is not what bugs me...It's those who say they care and actually don't. Be honest people! Coming to honest...very few actually keep themselves honest to what they believe...many just flaunt this pseudo attitude which just comes down to one word...crap! seriously. really..Many would say i don't mind people reading my diary, i'm very open...the fact is if u don't mind any one reading your personal diary it means either of the two things a)you don't have anything to hide, you've been honest to everyone b)You're such a sad soul that you've been lying to your own self and conscience......
...try being yourself and get people who like you for what you are..there's a quote which says "if u can't enjoy your own company, who will? think about it people...


The age of the Earth can be approximated to 2 billion years over which a myriad of changes are said to have taken place. But has the Earth really changed? In the beginning the Earth was a big ball of fire, smoke, water and a cocktail of gases. Today, the Earth is still a ball of fire, smoke, water and a cocktail of gases. The basic instinct of the Neanderthal was survival which continues to be the basic instinct of the modern man. It was a daily struggle of the early man to find him his daily bread, which is still the daily struggle of the present human being.

Change, however, has taken place. It is so agreed. The presence of science and technology make it so evident it can even go unsaid. The basic thoughts and instincts of humans remain the same, what influences these thoughts is that which has changed.

We, the only animals with a developed sense of intelligence or so we call ourselves, have brought in various new concepts, ideas, inventions, all in the scope of “improvement”. But how far have they improved our lives?

Probing into the science of the nucleus of an atom has brought about the hydrogen and atomic bombs, the two most individually deadly weapons against human kind. Industrialization led the development in many countries, but lack of precautionary measures has presented before us the problems of pollution & global warming. The creation of ‘democracy’ has given way to ‘corruption’. This cyclic thinking had invaded even divinity, as is evident with the believers of different deities battling out the supremacy of their lords. The most recent addition to the list of miseries is terrorism.

The acts of individuals or organizations against mankind have left the world shaken. The policy of terrorists seems quite obvious: “no country shall be spared”. They have done it. From the far west to the Far East, they have instilled terror. Till quite recently, it was a belief that the common man alone may be affected by these acts of terror, which is then later to have an effect on the politician, but the recent assassination of political leader Benazir Bhutto leaves us gaping at a troublesome reality. The situation has grown quite bad for now, an incentive; a prize has to be given to control pollution and war which is, by way of life, the duty of every human being.

These phenomenons beat the track to the same consequence, the extinction of life on this Earth. They would probably even bring it back to the way it all originally began- a mass controlled solely by the forces of nature. The sun will eventually turn itself into a dwarf that shall no longer support planets; the scientists predict another ice age in a few million years. These will eventually lead to the elimination of any living existence on the face of this Earth. Terrorism, pollution, and the prediction of a third world war may, however, turn this world lifeless sooner than foretold.