All philosophers true to the study will go mad some day.
But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

My love...

Here's another one of my futile attempts at poetry, but this time, it was really what i feel...
know it's a bit sappy n all...but I had to get it out of me..... for you...

I love thee a love so deep
In it I immerse myself complete
My heart beats of this love lasting,
Forever and undying, everlasting and uniting
Yet a hand pinches and awakens
Me from this dream enchanting
Nothing is eternal, a little voice says
I shall always be there, my love stays

Beloved, you are I and I am you, together
We shall see this tempest through
Love is on our side, sorrow we'll vanquish
Let our love grow more and dear
With each other, we are always together
Minds always close, doubt seldom near
Strength thy has my comrade, and fear
A far away, the future a mist unclear

My thoughts are ever of you, of eyes
So endearing and of a smile enticing
My love'll persevere like you shall
A little hurt, a little broken but willing
To be healed, loved and loving
These are my thoughts, my words true
My heart waits for your whisper "I love you"

My dad and his philosophy part 2

Well yeah donno y but just wanted to record this other conversation between me and my dad...
The scene goes like mom and i had a tiff and i with silent tears lie on my parents bed...Dad enters...(hoping to make me smile)

Dad: What are you doing?
Me: what does it look like? i'm lying down on this bedsheet.,.!(yeah i was pretty rude to him sorry) you know what's the difference between you and that bedsheet?
Me: silence(not wanting to answer)
Dad: it's that you can feelall the pain you are right now..and the bedsheet cannot.
Me: silence
Dad: Enjoy that pain you're feeling..n be happy that the bedsheet cannot do that
Me: wants to burst out laughing but must control laughter or dad'll think he won!
Dad: Think how great it is to think that thought of pain and hurt....n how the bedsheet cannot
Me: So isn't it better if i'm a bedsheet? it seems better off no tears no riff raffs ....
Dad: that's true but that's only if u dont' see the beauty of the feeling of pain and thoughts the beautiful thoughts
Me: But i thought that in the end one is supposed to have no thoughts at all; no thoughts; no pain; no feelings...isn't that nirvana?
Dad: yes that's pretty much true.........(starts again but i interrupt)
Me: so isn't it better if i were a bedsheet?
Dad: exactly, now you're talking high philosophhy..that the entire purpose of life become a bedsheet!
Me: can't control start laughing
Dad: yess! i made u laugh!
n well folks..that's my dad! :-)

The 'talk'

i know i know i just matter..wanted to write in about this talk me my bro my mom n my dad had on saturday all started like this..
my bro got a phone call n rapidly walks into a room where he can get some mom immediately asks who on the dad starts joking that it was my bro's girl..(it's a joke cos my bro's hardly spoken to 10 gals as far as i know) mom goes on saying that she would believe it easily if someone told her i had a boyfriend but not if my bro had a gal ..( easy enough...)..n so it began...we started talking philosophy then onwards...
my mom was talking about how one should not be content on what he is for contentedness (contentedness...???) would hinder progress while my dad n i were saying that happiness is the purpose of life..n that progress has no meaning for one day everything shall go back to the Neanderthal..(yes i love philosophy u got a prob? :p) dad was quoting one of my fav proverbs then of G B Shaw "the reasonable man adapts himself to the world the unreasonable man adapts the world to himself..hence much of the progress in the world depends upon the unreasonable man"...but that night my dad said something pretty cool..only 4 lines though...he had told those 4 lines to a guy in a german pub who was "flabbergasted" after listening to them...the lines were....Think. Think thoughts that result in actions. Do actions that give results. When u do the action don't bother about the result, because bothering is, again, a useless thought.

pretty cool na? in the end somehow mom n dad came to a consensus..( they were never able to before cos my dad was talking on a much higher plane than my mom was talking about 'i' while dad was talking about 'I'. however after 2 1/2 hours they finally came to a consensus..i'm not complaining though..good thing . it kept me awake..n i had to stay awake..i had to call my special someone n wish him na? ;)