All philosophers true to the study will go mad some day.
But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

My dad and his philosophy part 2

Well yeah donno y but just wanted to record this other conversation between me and my dad...
The scene goes like mom and i had a tiff and i with silent tears lie on my parents bed...Dad enters...(hoping to make me smile)

Dad: What are you doing?
Me: what does it look like? i'm lying down on this bedsheet.,.!(yeah i was pretty rude to him sorry) you know what's the difference between you and that bedsheet?
Me: silence(not wanting to answer)
Dad: it's that you can feelall the pain you are right now..and the bedsheet cannot.
Me: silence
Dad: Enjoy that pain you're feeling..n be happy that the bedsheet cannot do that
Me: wants to burst out laughing but must control laughter or dad'll think he won!
Dad: Think how great it is to think that thought of pain and hurt....n how the bedsheet cannot
Me: So isn't it better if i'm a bedsheet? it seems better off no tears no riff raffs ....
Dad: that's true but that's only if u dont' see the beauty of the feeling of pain and thoughts the beautiful thoughts
Me: But i thought that in the end one is supposed to have no thoughts at all; no thoughts; no pain; no feelings...isn't that nirvana?
Dad: yes that's pretty much true.........(starts again but i interrupt)
Me: so isn't it better if i were a bedsheet?
Dad: exactly, now you're talking high philosophhy..that the entire purpose of life become a bedsheet!
Me: can't control start laughing
Dad: yess! i made u laugh!
n well folks..that's my dad! :-)


Sailesh Kapilavayi said...

coooooooool ,u get to talk philosophy wid ur dad? well lucky you i hardly find time to talk to my dad....he is pretty busy and as usual me the most important-less guy in the family...(even if i am the best) dad tries to but mind voice goes saying i kno tht long back ...and i dont open my mouth coz it would look likke i m defying him....

La Vela! said...