All philosophers true to the study will go mad some day.
But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

Random scribbles 2

1.So yeah, I look at my friend's blog. She's written poetry. She calls it poetry. I call it poetry. Generally, people call it poetry. She's written truckloads of it. Wait, that's probably not the proper word to use - truckloads, but yes, that is what I find apt for it. She just scribbles around in class and comes up with a poem. She sets a target like one in a week or something.
Now, I'm not commenting on her practices. No sir, that's not what I'm here for. She's pretty good at what she wants to be good at.What this got me thinking, strangely, was -what is poetry?
What I came up with, it's usually a set of broken lines; fragments of sentences that are generally enough to give a shape to the meaning. What that meaning is, well, it's up to you I guess. I've written poems myself, right? And I thought to myself what made my poetry "poetry" and that's the answer I came up with. O_O
Weird, ain't it?

2.Saarang 2010 began and ended. I found it, well, not so great. I enjoyed myself though. I guess I expected too much out of it. Like that "Schokolade machen workshop" (chocolate making workshop, I just like saying it in German), I expected the same you would expect. Well, at the end of the day, I re-learnt how to pour melted chocolate into a given mould. And I paid 50 bucks for it. Honestly people, get a life!
Like I think I've said somewhere in my blog, ( :-p) expectations really ruin you once in a while. Honestly, sometimes I don't even see the point in remaining optimistic anymore. And yet I begin my day with a hope that the shower won't be too cold.

3. Sometimes, I feel it childish myself that I believe that anything that happens, happens for the greater good. But, so far, it's always turned out to be that way. You can ask what about global warming? Well, maybe IT IS for the greater good that the human race becomes extinct. Who knows? On this note, I must mention, do watch "The Age of the Stupid". Really.

Here I shall stop my version of "Nameless Ramblings". Desperate to write something "read-worthy" though.



i've never called my poems (if they are that is) poems. I call them "thingys" Coz i know they are not exactly poems as they dont have a structure :D

anyway i see u are getting bored :D take up a hobby!

Am said...

Abbaa! Same advice every time!!!! Change!