All philosophers true to the study will go mad some day.
But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

A thousand years of love

A thousand years I want to hold your hand
A thousand years of you beside me
Loving me all the way

A thousand years I want to say
I shall love you a thousand years
Come what may.

A thousand years your eyes I want to see
Thousand years within them, love
Is what I want to be

A thousand years I want to be seen
As nothing that meant to you more,
A thousand years I want to mean

A thousand years within your arms
A thousand years I want to be held
Where nothing harms

I pray, I cry, I want that with all my life
To be yours; all yours; only yours
The one to whom I belong, I ask of thee
Let my love be yours. Deny me not of this.


Amri said...

Corny? Yes. Simple? Yes. Emotinal? Totally yes. Any other comment you may leave.


do u really plan to live a thousand years? :D

Amri said...

Read previous comment. O_O


it was after reading tht i asked u the question