All philosophers true to the study will go mad some day.
But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

Another generation?

This is a very weird post. For in this post, I shall tell you people why I feel older than any of my class mates. I feel like I'm in another generation altogether.

After coming here, 4 of my class girls started going out with some guy or the other. I use the term "going out" for that is exactly what it is. They sit, talk to the guy for a week, two at the maximum, and become their girlfriends of sorts.

I am amazed how they do that. For when I got into a relationship, I got "committed". I wasn't "going out". My friends and I, then, did not "go out". We fell in love. We first talk, we fall in love and get committed to him only if we trust him and know we'll end up with  him. That ain't the case today. You find a guy. You go out, "be his girlfriend", make out and then maybe, you'll love him and he'll love you

I find that very different actually. My opinion of course. And I every time I see them I go like.." the kids these days...!!" :p


Anirudh Velamuri said... does happen. Some of us maybe a lil' more mature, and have enough brains to figure out the diff. bet. love, lust and infactuation.
All that people look forward to these days to is to get into each other's when dat's what is their basic motive.....dey are doing a good job.


know wat?? even i feel the same way when i go out anywhere :p

though difference is that i've never felt the need to get "commited" or "to go out" with anyone (Yet i guess :p)

sometimes i feel i'm from a different planetary system altogether :D or maybe i'm a narcissist(though i dont consider myself to be so :D.... should analyse :D )