All philosophers true to the study will go mad some day.
But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

She was there..

I saw her eyes, confused she was

A multitude of feelings played within them

Conviction over powering, or was it passion?

Inferiority passed by, with Doubt

His missus, while strangling all the way

Confidence, his nemesis.

And yet far away, happiness shone,

On a passing thought or a lasting feeling

Is something that remains unknown.

Her lips parted and I saw a waver

Giving way to Breath and

Breath alone, words failed her

A moment this and a moment after,

Her heart strengthened, her cheeks widened

Eyes gleaming, I saw a smile appear

Just when the hope would fade away,

Before the smile could pass, I closed my eyes

And from the mirror, looked away.