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But then again, it is Normal that defines Mad.

The mystery called MTC

This is probably the nth blog entry written by the users of the transport mode known as Metropolitan Transport Corporation of Chennai. Ugh. Nightmare I tell you. I'll start off my experience with the MTC buses.
My IIT HSEE entrance coaching classes right? (The crash course which right now is my only ticket out of my house) Well anyway, I'm supposed to go there by bus EVERYDAY. And honestly speaking, I didn't mind. I love travelling and means doesn't deter me.

So anyhow, one day mother dearest accompanies to the location (G N chetty road T.nagar) and we find out about the positioning of the bus stands that receive buses that come from and go to Vadapalani (that being the place closest to mine). We were shown two bus stands (let's name them x and y for now)that meet our requirements.
Day 1
Comes first day of class and so do I, all geared up, to Vadapalani. I saw my 12b waiting all ready for me. I climb in buy my ticket to y, deciding to try my luck there.
So the x stop came and I ignored it hvaing decided to go to y. After two minutes, I realise the bus wasn't going to y at all! Aghast, I climbed out ASAP and caught an auto, arriving 5 minutes late for class. Arghhh.
Return: I realised that probably, the bus doesn't go to y so I go back to x and wait for my bus. And then I come to understand that 12b doesn't come there on its return journey at all!!! So instead I had to catch this ultra crowded 11h on which they actually made me stand on the foot board!!

I go to Vadapalani again. This time I catch an M12b. I ask for y. The guy says no luck, goes only to x. I'm like "thanks a lot". A genuine thanks. So before getting down, I ask the conductor about the routes. He tells me that the bus, both 12b and M12b, take the route through x while going and come back through y. I thanked him and got off.

Return: I walk to y. I notice there's a bus stand on the left side of the road so I look for its counterpart on the right. When I do see what I'm looking for, I look on the side of it and it says 47, m147b, 147b no 12b!!!! I was pissed! But i thought that maybe the bus stand I was looking for would be further down the road. Having walked further, I ask an automan. He looks at me, points further down the road, shows me speck of red far away and says "antha signal kitta left eduthu konja thooram nadandha varum" I felt like saying "poyaaaaa...!!!!" But I decided to chuck that and walked back in the general direction of my class. Came to the flyover. Traffic police ayya kitta directions ketteyn. He pointed in the direction of x and says go that way and take a left. So I walk beneath the flyover and walk till the road forks. There I ask the auto man again. He points straight and tells me that at the corner I will find my destination. I walk. When I reach that corner an informed watchman some building informs me that 12b no longer comes there and I was supposed to walk to the other side of the flyover and on the left I would see the bus stand. I was so damn furious!!!! But I walked back again. And suddenly remembered that police ayya's words "LEFT". Instinctively I took the nearest turn and lo and behold! There it waws! MY shrine! I went there! The next bus was an m12b. Joyfully climbed up and asked for a ticket to Vadapalani. Only later did I learn that it did not go to vadapalani!! And wnt to CMBT instead. Since I wasn't anyhow heading for home that day, I got down at a certain stop with my new found info.

Day 3:
Vadapalani, 12b, got down at x, went to class. Coming back, caught a 12b back to Vadapalani, flawless day

Day 4: Vadapalani, m12b, x, class.
Return: I went to my bus stop. An M12b came rolling by. I clambered in. I asked for CMBT, got a ticket. Then, one of my ex seniors got in and asked for the stop which was right in front of my house!!!!!!!!!! And I was like, this bus goes there??? Because, if it were going to CMBT and not Vadapalani, it can't come to my place but here it was! So I waited and it turned out that today, the bus would not go straight to cmbt but go through Vadapalani instead!!! What crap!!! I seriously do NOT know how to figure out these routes!!! The same bus right? Goes to different places and different routes!! God help moi!!